CCS, which started its production with a school backpack production in a 24 m2 workshop, was established on 07.04.1984 by İrfan and Asip Çavuşoğlu. After a 10-year foundation, in 1994, he became a Limited Company and added women and briefcases to the production line. Our company, which started to import bags in 1997, also continues its production activities.

CCS; in 2000 Dockers, in 2002 Caterpillar has taken the title of Turkey distributor of the brand. In 2005, it started to produce its own CCS branded luggages. In 2007, it also included the distributorship of the National Geographic brand.

Our company, which completed the construction of the new factory in 2016, has devoted 12,000 square meters of indoor area of the facility, which has a closed area of 36,000 square meters, to the production of luggages.

In 2019, our company became the distributor of Saxoline and Volkswagen brands. At the same time, our company expanded its production range by obtaining the production rights of National Geographic, Volkswagen and Saxoline brands.

Currently, in addition to wholesale in Beyazıt, a retail and a wholesale store in Mercan; There are wholesale points in Antalya and Izmir. With the largest luggage factory, CCS has an important role in Turkey.

Our Vision
As Cavusoglu Canta, our vision is to protect and maintain its strong existence both domestic and international markets and move forward with produced and imported high quality products.

Our Mission
As Cavusoglu Canta, our mission is to produce quality and products that shape world fashion and to market these products to our customers in the best way.